Prambanan Temple, the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia began in the 9th century AD when this temple was built by the Kings of the Sanjaya Dynasty. The Temple complex is located in Prambanan sub-district, Sleman and Prambanan Klaten sub-district, approximately 17 km northeast of Yogyakarta.  This temple has another name, the Roro Jonggrang temple, this is due to the folk tales of Javanese folklore that accompanies it. Prambanan Temple is for Trimurti, the three main Hindu gods. Brahma is the creator god, Vishnu, the god of preservation, Shiva, the god of destruction.

The original temple plan is rectangular, consisting of an outer courtyard and three courtyards, namely Jaba, Tengahan, and Njandang. At the entrance to the temple complex there are four directions in the direction of the wind. But the direction of the building is to the east so the main gate of the Prambanan temple is the east gate. The Prambanan Temple building is tall and slender in accordance with Hindu architecture in general with the Shiva temple which is the main temple with a height of 47 meters that rises in the middle of the complex of the smaller temples around it.

The temple complex consists of 3 Trimurti temples, 3 Wahana temples, 2 Apit temples, 4 Kelir temples, 4 Patok temples, and 224 Temple Officers.  This Temple is decorated with narrative reliefs that tell Hindu epics, Ramayana and Krishnayana. These reliefs can be found engraved on the inner wall of the balustrade along the gallery surrounding the main temple. Ramayana Relief tells Shinta, Rama’s wife, was kidnapped by Ravana. Then the commander of the nation, Hanuman, came to Alengka to help Rama find Shinta.

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