Candi Ijo Temple was founded in the 9th century on a hill named Bukit Hijau or better known as Gumuk Ijo. This temple can be one of the destinations in Yogyakarta that can be visited. The Candi Ijo temple complex which includes the Hindu temple consists of 17 building structures which are divided into 11 terraces. The first terrace is a courtyard leading to the entrance which has terraced steps from west to east. The building on the 11th terrace is a perimeter fence, 8 linga patok, 4 main temple buildings, and three ancillary temples. Laying a building based on its sacredness and the highest level of stone is the most sacred stone. This is  candi or temple in Yogyakarta can be visited as cultural destination.

Various forms of decoration can be found from the beginning of the entrance to the  candi Ijo temple building. There are times when the makara has a double head motif and some of its attributes are above the entrance. You can also find double heads and their attributes on Buddhist temples. This shows that the Ijo temple is a form of acculturation of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. You will also find statues depicting women and men who float and lead to a certain side. This figure has the first meaning is suwuk to drive away evil spirits and the second as a symbol of the union of Lord Shiva and Dewa Uma. On the 11th terrace you will find a place for sacrificial fire. Right at the top of the back wall there is a vent in the form of parallelogram and triangle. This sacrificial fire means a reflection of the Hindu community that worships Brahma. Three Perwara temples show public respect for Hindu Trimurti: Brahma, Siwa, and Whishnu.

At the temple on the 9th terrace and will find the temple building with two inscriptions given the F code that says Guywan which means hermitage. There are also other inscriptions containing spells which are thought to be a curse. candi Ijo Temple is located in Dukuh Groyokan, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Ijo Temple is located at an altitude of 410 meters above sea level, making this temple the highest location. In addition to walking through the temple building you can also enjoy the charm of the sunset here. From the temple terrace, we can also see views of people’s homes, views of the city of Jogja from above, rice fields, and planes landing and taking off from Adi Sucipto airport. And this place is also one of the favorite spots to see the sunset.

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