Borobodur Sunrise is one of the best sunrise in Central Java, Yogyakarta. Witnessing the beauty of the sunrise from above the height of the Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the world produces an extraordinary experience. The ideal of Borobudur Sunrise is enjoyed during the dry season where the sky is clear and not covered by clouds. For Borobudur sunrise hunting there are several things that must be considered and become notes to get the best results:

Try to come before 4:00 in the morning at Manohara restaurant. The ticket for purchasing Borobudur Sunrise tickets at Manohara Restaurant, starts at 4:00 and usually queues. The morning will be better to avoid the queue.
The road to Manohara Restaurant enters through gate 8 and will later be directed to parking near Manohara.
It’s better to take a homestay or hotel around the temple, because in the June July or holiday season there are many queues. The closer we are staying with the temple, the more easy we are in accessing the temple and enjoying the Sunrise of Borobudur.The ticket price is pretty good compared with the facilities that we got, breakfast buffet at a 4-star restaurant, souvenirs, flashlights, access to the temple and an unforgettable experience. It seems that the ticket prices sold are quite decent, for Sunrise Borobudur tickets¬† for domestic tourists at IDR 350,000 while foreign tourists will be charged IDR 475,000

After holding the ticket, immediately go up to the top of Borobudur Temple to choose the best spot and you should first look at the Borobudur sunrise image on the internet for the best reference for shooting.
Because this place of worship, courtesy do not forget then pray and hope that there is no cloud or fog so we can watch the perfect sunrise.Don’t forget to bring a tripod, fill the battery full of your camera and empty the memory card to hunt for the best images of this magnificent temple and the process of sunrise. Yogyakarta best car rental KelilingJogja.ID 08118676285 provides car rental in Jogja that will bring you to witness the beauty of the Borobudur sunrise